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Bright Futures Fund

At Bright Ideas Realty, we like to think that our Bright Futures Fund program is our brightest idea yet! Instead of investing all of our marketing dollars in more conventional ways of advertising, we invest a portion of every sale back into the community via public school sponsorships to support students, teachers, and the programs that inspire them.

(See updated contact information at the bottom of the page.)

Below is our updated Annual Report for 2022, which details how many contributions were brought in and which schools they were donated to. The funds are used to support kids and their teachers through various programs at the schools, such as music and athletics.

Every time you work with Bright Ideas Realty, you’re making an impact in a child’s life. Because of you, they’re able to learn new skills and have an enriched experience, which they will carry through to adulthood. You make this possible!